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measles outbreak

Most babies don't get their first measles vaccine until 12-15 months.
The 'catch-up' drive beginning next month aims to vaccinate 95 per cent of B.C.'s youth.
Billboard company confirmed it's pulling them early.
Italy just voted to overturn a law that had made vaccines mandatory in schoolchildren.
Check your tickets.
Measles is highly contagious.
Recent measles outbreaks in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia have sounded alarm bells for parents. Is my child safe
While antivaxxer-related outbreaks keep happening in places once deemed measles-free, the disease was never eradicated in developing countries where it kills 400 children daily. But the measles patch could help save their lives.
Last month, the measles outbreak in California Disney parks sent parents into a flurry of panic. So far, 151 people from