The Vancouver-based retailer faced years of financial challenges and the pandemic made things worse.
The strike is meant to "disrupt business as usual."
“Outside is for everyone. It’s time we acted like it.”
The co-op came under pressure from members after the deaths of 17 people in a high school in Parkland, Fla.
Vista Outdoor manufactures a rifle similar to the one used in the Florida school shooting.
It was a good year for these brands.
I love the idea of having a wardrobe I can wear when I am enjoying the outdoors and also in the city. Living in Vancouver there are so many opportunities to enjoy nature. But after a hike, I may need to go to the store or the bank. How can you dress for a hike and for shopping in town afterwards?
“You are what you wear. Today, it’s becoming more and more important to choose your apparel consciously and to make sustainable fashion choices.”
I know extreme winter weather because I'm from Saskatchewan. Smart prairie drivers keep an emergency kit in the trunk of their car for winter driving because they know that if anything goes wrong out on a desolate highway, they could easily perish in the cold if they don't have proper supplies.
Employees at Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) will be the subject of office envy among many Vancouverites as they move into