Family stress and events such as separation and divorce can have significantly negative consequences on productivity. And with stress-induced conditions being an important cause of long-term disability claims, it's important that organizations provide tools to empower their employees to deal effectively with these issues.
It is not simple to resolve conflict within businesses where people bring in different points of view, cultures and values
Prenups don't have to be all one-sided in favour of the family that wants to protect hard-earned assets. I find that bringing fairness and a balanced approach will often allow the young couple to reach a satisfactory agreement.
Speaking of emails, most lawyers spend a lot of time reading lengthy email missives from their clients, and also multiple strings of nasty emails between client and his or her spouse, many of which will be producible for court. Hard to predict in advance whether you'll need to read a hundred emails or several thousand.
Summer can usher in a lot of commitments and meditation is a helpful way to set the tone for the coming months so we enjoy life rather than deal with stress. I have outlined a simple method of breathing to get you started so that anyone, at any age, can enjoy meditating.
Sticky situation: Our, across the street neighbour insists that we cannot park our car in front of his property. Are we wrong to continue to do so, especially when we arrive from his side of the crescent?
If we want families to get the help and support they need, we need to make it faster and easier for them to find that help. While we can't speed up the time it takes to properly address the issues facing a family, we can speed up the process of finding out how to begin with new models. That's where technology comes in.
Chair Yoga is not only for people who are new to yoga but great for the seasoned practitioner who spends a little more time sitting then they would like. Practising yoga while seated at a desk does not seem like much of a workout but after 30 minutes of practice you will notice a difference. You'll feel more energized, grounded and ready to face the world from your office. Try this simple sequence of stretching, breathing and meditation at your desk.
Collaborative divorce sounds wonderful and for some separating couples it is effective. Whether it can be said to be less expensive is another issue.