A key medicinal ingredient could send users to the hospital, doctors warn.
The Canadian author was prescribed anti-anxiety medication when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.
A staggering number of grandparents are unknowingly risking accidental poisoning.
It's not about masking the real person in there, it's about giving your baby the tools he needs to be successful.
It's difficult to see one's prejudices toward medication until you're faced with accepting it into your own life.
That pill, so tiny and benign looking, has a huge effect on lifting my chemistry to a healthy level.
Concentrates and vaporizers are a proven way to help control dosing — and under current legislation, it could be a year or more before they are available.
By ignoring the rehabilitation needs of our patients with disabilities, this national discussion fails them.
In light of National Pharmacist Day on Jan. 12, it's important to address the issue of medical adherence as it impacts the lives of millions of Canadians on a daily basis. It's a very real concern that pharmacists work to tackle every day.