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Mennonite girls can cook

When I saw different versions of pumpkin pie cupcakes popping up on Pinterest...I decided to give them a try. I adapted my tried and true pumpkin pie recipe...and we enjoyed the results. They are like crustless mini-pumpkin pies.
Aside from the thorns, I love berry picking and I pick many a pail full for fresh eating, jam, syrup, pies, and berry toppings. This recipe can be made as a whole dessert in a low casserole or pie plate, or baked in individual serving dishes. The fresher the berries, the better the cobbler!
Since we had salmon on our vacation to B.C. in early May I have been craving it! It is so expensive in the prairies so when I find some on sale I stock up. We all really enjoy salmon and this time I tried it this way.
A strawberry salad with an orange-flavoured twist in the dressing. Easy to make, quick to prep, and a delicious twist on your usual garden salad!
5-6 cups chopped fresh rhubarb 2 tablespoons water 1/2 - 2/3 cup sugar or to taste (remember that the gelatin powder will
This is my variation of a Western Omelette that makes a great sandwich. I used left over ham from Easter dinner which made it very tasty. Put your favourite condiment on your toast and you have one hearty and filling sandwich. I like mustard on mine but you can add what ever you like.
Last night I suddenly remembered that last year my dad had given me a bag of Saskatoon Berries he had received from a friend. I baked him a pie that we enjoyed together and he said to keep the extras for another pie. So I went and dug out that little bag.
We leave our farm and take the travel trailer out several times a year. One thing I try to do is to make one meal stretch to two meals. For this dinner we used leftover steak to make fajitas. Make it in your next getaway kitchen or make it at's a summer winner.
According to my critics this is their favourite bread. It was a unanimous vote. My oldest granddaughter commented on how good it smelled and I offered her a slice to taste and she said, "Nanna, this is really good and I'm your best critic because I DO eat gluten!"
An easy-to-prepare recipe for a refreshing avocado egg salad sandwich.