mens grooming tips

Hand cream as hair gel? You best believe it.
Listen guys: your face needs attention. In fact, your whole body needs attention, but we'll leave that for another article. In this day and age, there are just no excuses for not looking your best. I know it's not as easy being a man as it once was. You now need to put effort into looking good, without looking like you've done a thing. Hopefully our manscaping 101 guide will help you out.
For some of the men who have spent the past months hibernating instead of socializing, your facial appearance may have let itself go over the winter season. While I will respect that there are guys who have been diligent in keeping their personal care at a respectable level, on the flip side, there are also a handful of guys who'll need to go through a grooming spring checklist in order to catch up prior to summer.
To shave or not to shave, that's one beauty question that plagues men. According to a new survey by BIC Flex 4, a surprising
Sugaring and waxing, getting hair dyed, painting nails, buying high-end razors: all are things only women do in the name