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michael chong reform bill

“I’m running to attract new people to the party, and I’m very excited.”
It has now been almost two weeks since Premier Alison Redford made her surprise announcement that she would be resigning as the Premier of Alberta. For the third time in less than a decade, a PC Alberta Premier was ousted by a process other than a general election. The entire Alberta episode has me thinking about Michael Chong's "Reform Act."
OTTAWA — Opposition parties and some Conservative members may decry the government’s methods of curtailing debate and whipping
There has been much discussion this week about Michael Chong's Private Members Bill to reform some of the aspects of how our parties act and control MPs. Whether one agrees with all the details found in his bill, one thing is certain; it can't make things any worse than they already are on the Hill.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg A great many pundits don't seem to have any problem in theory with Chong's enormously regressive idea that a small group of MPs should have the right to unilaterally depose a party leader democratically-elected by thousands of party members (or a prime minister elected by millions).
OTTAWA — The minister of democratic reform suggested Tuesday he sees no need for a Conservative backbencher's bill that proposes
OTTAWA — The federal Liberals have taken the unusual step of inviting a Conservative backbencher to a caucus meeting to brief