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An appeal court has upheld his sentence.
Michael Sona is asking for a sentence less than the nine months in jail he received, but the Crown is simultaneously arguing for a longer one.
OTTAWA - A group of voters in Guelph, Ont., has fired off a letter to Elections Canada to call for the agency to re-open
Candidates and political parties, corporations, trade associations and others who make either live calls or pre-recorded
A notice of appeal was filed today arguing that the sentence handed down to Sona was "demonstrably unfit and (failed) to
Crown lawyer Nick Devlin confirmed the Ontario Court of Appeal decision Monday. The Crown contested Sona's bail application
The Crown contested Michael Sona's bail application on Friday, but agreed it would be worthwhile for Ontario's Court of Appeal
Although the Crown and defence agree he likely did not act alone, Sona, 26, was the only person charged in the so-called
GUELPH, Ont. - Crown lawyers and Michael Sona's defence team agreed Monday it's likely multiple people were behind the thousands
The trial of former Conservative staffer Micheal Sona has revealed some intriguing new details about misleading robocalls