Michaelle Jean

Canada's former governor general said organizations showed "no willingness" to work with Haitians.
After a four-year term marked by controversy, the former governor general was considered a long shot.
Quebec's premier-designate has also pulled his support.
Canada's former governor general may lose the job to the Rwandan foreign minister.
The former governor general was born in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.
Trudeau is at a meeting of 80 francophone countries — many of which forbid sex acts between same-sex couples.
Michaelle Jean lauds example set by return to peacekeeping.
I recently travelled more than 6,500 kilometres to see our tax dollars at work. What I saw were lives being saved for less than the cost of a cup of takeout coffee. All Canadians should be proud.
Michaëlle Jean has always been known as something of a "rassembleuse", a person who can bring others together. That title
While the organization has concentrated largely on cultural issues over the years, Jean signalled on Sunday that more emphasis