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"We are not part of what is happening to America anymore. America has changed."
OTTAWA - Finance Canada has issued a rebuttal of a politically embarrassing report on middle-class economic woes that was
The New York Times reported that the Canadian middle class is now richer than America's. Given a decade of such U.S. stagnation, it's little wonder that the income gap between previously affluent middle-class Americans and their counterparts in other countries, like Canada, has narrowed. But there's not a lot of satisfaction to be found in our "catching up" mostly because our southern neighbours have fallen back. Celebrating such relative positioning is a bit hollow.
If you’re wealthy in Canada, things have been good for you in recent decades. And if you’re poor, you’ve likely seen some
OTTAWA - A generation of solid economic growth has meant little in the everyday lives of most Canadians, according to a new
CALGARY - Hundreds gathered in Prairie cities to speak out against a growing gap between rich and poor. Among the crowd at