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middle class

The middle class prosperity minister was asked to define “prosperity” earlier this year.
A fiscal update will be unveiled before Christmas, Finance Minister Bill Morneau says.
"It's not like people are moving out of the middle class and becoming upper class."
"It's so broad that approximately every Canadian could be labelled as 'middle class.'"
The federal budget has emphasized on skills training and job creation. It has also focused on being gender-based and puts
The Liberal Government has stated they want to build a strong middle class, but who comprises the middle class? Mr. Morneau in his 2017 budget speech stated, "All Canadians must pay their fair share of taxes," but what is a "fair share"? Let's do the math and find out.
Leading up to the Federal government's 2017 budget, there was speculation about an increase in the tax on capital gains. The current tax exemption is disproportionately beneficial to the wealthy, and it has little in the way of general economic benefits. Only half the value of capital gains is currently taxed.
While Liberals continue with their failed Bobby McFerrin "Don't worry be happy" economic mantra, the data paints a different picture. In 2009 the number of Canadians who considered themselves working class or poor was 29 per cent. That number has since jumped to a stunning 44 per cent.