They’re working in hospitals and homes to support mothers who’ve tested positive for COVID-19.
Up to 3,400 more families could receive care.
"Just having a rainbow flag on your door isn't enough."
Midwives will likely have to pay higher fees to cover the funding shortfall.
He considered becoming an osteopath or an acupuncturist before settling on midwifery.
"Shocking views like this have no place in any profession."
"As someone without female reproductive anatomy, I'm feeling quite humbled."
Don't blink.
When my husband Achao Macad, an iKalinga (a native of the Province of Kalinga) and I, began the work of opening a birth centre, I wondered how it would be received. Would the women accept care from midwives? Would they want to leave their homes to deliver at a clinic?
Part of the cause is that Canada was one of a handful of countries (and the only Western industrialized nation) not to have any provisions for midwifery care prior to 1993. In the last 20 years, there has been growth in the profession, but only modest.