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mike duffy court case

Wright, a wealthy man, delivered this tale with composure and sangfroid. In Nigel's world, writing a $90,000 cheque to a senator in need falls into the same category as taking young Conservative interns to lunch. Just one of those things one does for the less fortunate.
He was right about things ending badly.
The Mike Duffy trial had been allotted 41 days, but after nearly seven weeks of testimony in an Ottawa court, the Crown is still deep into building its case against the suspended senator.
That money came from a series of Senate research contacts worth $64,916.50 awarded by Duffy to Donohue, mostly to perform
But the private notes inside those diaries also reveal the picayune details of the pedestrian life of a Canadian political
In a brief proceeding today, the court set aside 41 days for the case, scheduling it for April 7-May 12 and June 1-June 19