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mike duffy expenses

The exoneration of Senator Mike Duffy on 31 charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust could have significant implications
Mike Duffy won. Two and a half years after warning Canadians he "violated no laws" and "followed the rules," the senator from Prince Edward Island was vindicated Thursday when an Ontario court judge acquitted him of all 31 charges laid against him. What's more, Justice Charles Vaillancourt sided with Duffy. It was he, the Old Duff, not the Prime Minister's Office, the judge said, who had been the victim of a "mindboggling and shocking" series of events. Duffy's "free will" had been "overwhelmed" and he had "capitulated" as a result of the PMO's -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office, that is, -- "threatening efforts," the judge said.
Wright, a wealthy man, delivered this tale with composure and sangfroid. In Nigel's world, writing a $90,000 cheque to a senator in need falls into the same category as taking young Conservative interns to lunch. Just one of those things one does for the less fortunate.
Mike Duffy expensed nearly $154,000 in travel expenses that the Crown alleges the suspended senator was not eligible to claim
The issue is whether the Senate has the right to assert parliamentary privilege over this report, meaning its details would be kept secret from the public.
The Mike Duffy trial is expected to hear today from former staff members of the suspended senator's Senate office.
The Senate may have have no choice but to suspend any current senators flagged by the auditor general for improper spending
The Harper government was well aware of concerns about Mike Duffy's Senate eligibility and officials met several times to
Mike Duffy wasted no time claiming his first Senate expense: the newly announced senator from Prince Edward Island put in
Nigel Wright, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former chief of staff, has returned to Onex, the private equity group he worked