Mike Duffy PEI

He's gathered more than 500 signatures.
The senator's lawyer calls it an 'improper collateral attack.'
There are lingering doubts about Duffy's connection to Canada's smallest province and his expense claims.
"Nigel will make the arrangements.''
Duffy's name came up once again on the campaign as Harper made his first visit Thursday to the island.
Right up until the year the scandal around his expenses busted open...
Duffy was so concerned, he asked Harper if he could represent Ontario, the province where he had lived for three decades
The legal criteria a senator must meet in order to represent a particular province is a matter apparently so taboo that a
David McCabe's testimony kicked off the third week of Duffy's trial on 31 charges of breach of trust, fraud and bribery. A
Mike Duffy wasted no time claiming his first Senate expense: the newly announced senator from Prince Edward Island put in