Mike Duffy senate

The senator doesn't want to "legitimize" the "attack" on his acquittal, according to his lawyer.
The expenses range from $10,000 for a personal trainer to $8 for personal photos.
Sen. Patrick Brazeau still faces charges.
He kept a low profile during his legal odyssey.
There are lingering doubts about Duffy's connection to Canada's smallest province and his expense claims.
Senate officials announced his full standing within hours of a verdict that cleared Duffy of 31 charges.
After 62 days of hearings, Ontario Court Justice Charles Vaillancourt delivered his long-awaited decision to a packed Ottawa courtroom.
Senator Mike Duffy has submitted an updated disclosure form to the Senate ethics office, a move required to keep senators
The judge is hoping they'll make it quick.
Prosecutor Mark Holmes is going methodically through Duffy's testimony as a witness in his own defence.