"We don’t want to add a housing crisis on top of the one we’re living through now."
Companies operating in foreign countries can be held liable under international law back home, Canada's top court has ruled.
"... it is now evident that there is no constructive path forward for the project," wrote the mining company's CEO.
An RCMP analyst found no indication that she was "involved in criminal acts."
Companies could rethink their investments after spending billions.
The service shaft that lifted workers out of the mine stopped working.
The company at the heart of the recent allegations that have taken Ottawa by storm says it's struggling with its mining operations.
NORCAT runs the only mining research and development centre in the world that operates an underground test facility. As Duval
Kapuskasing and many other resource-based communities in Canada's north face a very uncertain future.
The small space station would be placed in orbit between the Earth and the moon.