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minority government

Three of them were speaking AT THE SAME TIME.
“Electoral reform must be implemented,” says one NDP candidate.
The Conservative leader is warning against the prospects of a "Trudeau-NDP coalition."
A party needs to win 170 seats for a majority. In the event of a minority, the rules change.
The NDP leader said his party differs with the Greens on 4 key points.
Guy Caron: "Electoral reform will not take place if we are lukewarm about it.”
If an election was held today, according to a new poll, the Ontario Liberals would be reduced to third party status while the surging NDP would be an official opposition. Barely a year after forming a historic third term in office, the Liberals, have been reduced to 28 per cent of support according to the poll. That may leave the Liberals on the outside looking in.
If there was ever a time to have an election it is right now, before the proposed provincial budget for 2012 passes the legislature. Ontario's last election was light on policy and heavy on platitudes from all sides. Is there any reason to deny Ontarians the opportunity to chart the course they want our government to take?
I believe that there is a concerted campaign by right-wing parties to do everything in their power to reduce the voter turnout. Negative advertising fuels the flames of cynicism and voters stay home.
The McGuinty government made a decision to ignore the motions against further industrial wind development, the protests, the rallies and the dominance of this issue at rural all candidates debates and their rural caucus paid for it with their jobs and cost his government their majority.