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Missing Murdered Aboriginal Women

I think about it all and wonder if there are enough dresses or symbols in the world to signify that pain and distress for Indigenous people.
It takes a community to exploit a native woman. When the exploitation or assault of an indigenous woman is discussed there
The reality, as I know it, is that I feel threatened. I feel a general threat to my life - that when people know I'm native they can judge me based on their limited experience with my people, and men can view me with a lecherousness they believe I deserve and ask for. We must continue to survive, carry these stories, and never be afraid to identify our culprits.
"The pain we have grown up with ... has become normal."
Justin Trudeau announced on International Women's Day that a Canadian woman will appear on the next series of bank notes expected in 2018. And the Bank of Canada is now inviting nominations as to who should appear on the bill. This is our chance to have a say and perhaps at the same time make a statement.
“It’s important to give them a voice back."
The federal government has wrapped up the cross-country pre-inquiry consultation with families and has announced the inquiry
It happened a few weeks ago. She awoke, in the home she shares with partner Patrick Lavallee, then fell out of bed. Instead
"There are many very successful people today that went to those schools and have brilliant careers and are very functional people, very happy people like myself."
It keeps happening. Young, aboriginal women across Canada found dead or severely beaten. But for them, and the families of the 1,200 missing and murdered Indigenous women, this week's announcement of a federal government inquiry offers a rare moment to celebrate. I applaud the Liberal Government for finally recognizing that we, Indigenous women, are valued enough to make this a national issue. A lot of women have been working for many years around this issue.