missing murdered native women

I think part of it is because these men don't believe indigenous women feel pain the way others do, that we can handle pain, and we're not valued as much as others. Because if the government, the police, the media and the majority don't care for indigenous women's lives, why should these men?
Indigenous people are subject to racism, whether they are professors, authors, award winners, self-made or struggling. Our voices won't be silenced. I say: name your culprits and give them the exposure they desire.
The RCMP commissioner says police focus their crime analysis and prevention efforts on the relationships between victims and offenders, not their race.
The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women said Canada has violated the rights of aboriginal women
OTTAWA — An international body has joined Canadian domestic calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal
"I am Rinelle Harper and I am from the Garden Hill First Nation," the 16-year-old said tentatively as she stood in front
Peter MacKay's office issued a statement last week that didn't directly address the call for a roundtable, but he said Wednesday
But some in the aboriginal community don't quibble with the government's other main response to calls for a public inquiry
The new if somewhat vague commitment came Wednesday at the conclusion of a meeting in Charlottetown between most of the premiers