MLS Calgary

Someone believes five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a carriage house and a yoga studio under one roof in Calgary is well worth
Calgary has been named "a lone shining star" in Canada's real estate market, in a report by TD Economics. Calgary was the
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. forecasts the average MLS price in 2013 to be between $356,500 and $378,500 and between
It is no secret that Alberta's rich are known for their wealth and oil money, and according to a report released on Monday
It was only a few years ago that a 12-million-dollar house made headline news in Alberta, but today seeing a few spread out
As home prices in Canada are shown to be overvalued, home prices in Calgary have reached record levels A new report on the
Alberta's prime housing market continues to have a huge diversity in what consumers can invest in, from cheap homes that
Calgary was the only city that saw an increase in home sales from a year ago in Canada, according to the latest figures from
The Bank of Canada's latest financial review today stated that a housing market slowdown could potentially drag the entire
A recent Canadian Real Estate Association report sees a continued weakness in home sales in Canada, with the number of homes