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TORONTO — All of Canada's five biggest banks are partnering with Apple Pay to bring the mobile payment systems to their customers
The third-party payment app, which allows users to upload their credit cards and tap their phones to pay for purchases, will roll out sometime in the final months of 2015 for iPhone 6 and up. Unlike its widespread presence in the U.S., though, the Canadian app will only be compatible with American Express credit cards -- for now.
If banks don't improve their online user experience, their ability to sell consumer credit products, car loans and mortgages may become diminished.
TORONTO - Ottawa has updated the code of conduct governing credit and debit card transactions, including adding new rules
Canadian entrepreneurs should take a multicultural mindset. The Canadian landscape is changing rapidly with an estimated 250,000 newcomers making Canada their permanent home. Paying attention to this increasing segment of customers and consumers is smart business.
TORONTO - The price of basic wireless phone service in Canada has gone up 16 per cent since last year but packages with more
Media giant Rogers recently teamed up with CIBC to create the country's first mobile wallet payment system. The company approached
Welcome to the era of paying for stuff with your phone. CIBC and telecom giant Rogers announced Friday they had made the
TORONTO -- CIBC and Rogers Communications Inc. say they will allow Canadians to pay with their CIBC credit card at checkout
MONTREAL -- Canada's financial institutions say they've developed voluntary guidelines for mobile payments that will work