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moncton shooting

Three of us are dead. Three of us who bought groceries from Sobeys on Vaughan Harvey Boulevard and went to Wildcats games at the Coliseum. Three of us who hold our kids when nightmares scare them from their beds. Three of us are dead and gone because of a young man with a gun. Again. The world will say the same old things about guns, and mental illness and angry young men with something to prove. They'll say the same things about the Seattle killing. Then they'll sit and wait for another tragedy somewhere else. And when the same conversations come up, we'll nod knowingly. Three of us are dead. And once again, we don't know why.
Justin Bourque, the suspected shooter behind the deaths of three RCMP officers, has been arrested. Mounties confirmed early
The RCMP's commanding officer in New Brunswick identified the three Mounties killed in the horrific Moncton shooting at a
Although I am currently far from home, like all Canadians, I was deeply saddened to read about the deaths of three RCMP officers and the wounding of two more in a shooting in Moncton. My thoughts and sympathies are with their families.
People across Canada lit candles and left their porch lights on to honour three victims who died in shootings in Moncton
Much of Moncton was a ghost town Thursday as police conducted an intense manhunt for a gunman who killed three RCMP officers
A man says the Moncton gunman spoke to him just after shooting an RCMP officer on Wednesday. In an interview with local radio
UPDATE: Justin Bourque was arrested early Friday by Moncton police. Read updates here. A New Brunswick firearms and “emergency
A shooting rampage in Moncton, N.B. on Wednesday night sent shock waves across the country and left three RCMP officers dead
We give people the shirt off our back. We listen when the RCMP say to stay indoors. We check on our neighbours and friends. And we all feel that creepy chills on the spine feeling knowing that he was in OUR neighbourhoods, by OUR Costco (it's the city's shopping mecca, after all!) and hurting OUR police. Because in Moncton, we have at most three degrees of separation. We all know a cop, a reporter, the mayor, the lady who runs the local gluten-free shop, the pizza guy.