montreal massacre

How many women dare to publicly say that we won’t be patronized?
It's the 31st anniversary of a misogyny-motivated shooting at Ecole Polytechnique that killed 14 women.
The senior was charged with inciting hatred towards women.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says gender-based violence remains a threat to women's safety.
"I knew I had to fight. My rights and safety were not self-evident."
Dec. 6 marks the 30th anniversary of an attack that claimed the lives of 14 women.
Nathalie Provost was shot 4 times during the 1989 massacre.
As we head into an election year, now is the time for political parties to commit to ending violence against women in their electoral platform.
"They're the women who cleared the path."
While women have made leaps and bounds in the workforce since the Montreal Massacre, the spectrum of sexism remains pervasive