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montreal massacre

How many women dare to publicly say that we won’t be patronized?
"I knew I had to fight. My rights and safety were not self-evident."
As we head into an election year, now is the time for political parties to commit to ending violence against women in their electoral platform.
While women have made leaps and bounds in the workforce since the Montreal Massacre, the spectrum of sexism remains pervasive
"We, too, want to defend lives," said Guy Morin.
Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act didn't come into existence until 2001.
A shooting attack at a Quebec City mosque is not the first of its kind.
Trump’s election win gives license to misogynists, Dr. Stanton said.
Twenty-six years on, what's changed?
You can know a statistic -- even be horrified by it -- but when those statistics become stories, and those stories are coming from women you've known, worked with, are related to or voted for and then the stories just keep coming -- the frame on the issue shifts.