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morning sickness

The drug might contain dangerous levels of an impurity called NDMA.
We've been there. Just not usually so publicly.
She's been suffering from a complication that causes extreme nausea and vomiting.
But one of the study's doctors urges women to be informed about the drug's effects.
Diclectin is prescribed 300,000 times each year by Canadian doctors.
You probably already have the ingredients on hand.
And, no, it doesn't always happen in the morning.
You see, I chose to get pregnant, just as I chose to keep our baby, and I can also choose how we are cared for throughout this process. Every Canadian can. If I don't celebrate and exercise the privileges that I have living as a woman in Canada, in 2015, then what's the point of all this choice?
My highest record for throwing up was 40 times in one day, and that was a normal occurrence. My spells of sickness would last about two weeks, if I was lucky. I started to become so malnourished that 25 pounds had fallen off my small frame, and I started to hallucinate. During that time period, I remember praying to die. I felt like I was dying.
We know the risks of smoking and drinking during pregnancy, and how socially unacceptable it is. But what about taking prenatals? If you asked a pregnant woman which one she was taking and she replied "none," what would you say? Would you snub her, the same as if she had a drink in her hand? Probably not... but why not?