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most developed countries

Thirty-four countries have joined the "highly developed" club in the past 25 years, report says.
Canada has climbed back into the top 10 among the UN’s Human Development Index. The latest edition of the annual ranking
This week, Canada learned that it has dropped out of the top ten and into 11th place in the United Nations' annual Human Development Index (HDI). The change has raised calls for the government to focus on education and income inequality in its upcoming budget, rather than concentrating on deficit reduction. The HDI is useful when looked at as a broad-strokes measure of where countries on stand health, education and income. But given the limitations of the metrics, sweating the smaller differences in rankings is pretty silly. For the sake of Canada's economy, I'm hoping Jim Flaherty thinks so too.
After spending much of the 1990s in first place, and the next decade in a slow decline, Canada has now dropped entirely out