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Mother's Day

The rest of the world might be celebrating, but in their own world, it is more of a day of mourning.
From one woman on this winding journey to motherhood to another — I see you. Infertility isn't your fault.
"At first, I was so scared because we had no one."
Wonder Woman has some fierce competition if you ask these kids.
We mean these words from the bottom of our hearts.
It can be a uniquely traumatizing time for a lot of people.
Did they finally realize what I've been telling them all along: that they are brothers and brothers have to get along? Did they just want to make me happy and realize getting along would be the only way to accomplish this all-important task? Do they see my siblings, friends, parents and our family doing kind things for one another? Have they seen their dad and I do kind things for each other despite our divorce? Despite being a single mom, they are seeing a lot of love from a lot of sources and it makes me so grateful and proud.