More than 600 are dead in Mozambique alone.
Officials say the disease can have a "huge impact" if it's not contained quickly.
The World Health Organization has warned of a "second disaster" if an outbreak isn't stopped.
We cannot spend tens of millions of dollars promoting a low carbon future while also spending tens of millions promoting extractives. With the Agreement in full force, Canada can pivot its approach to international assistance to reflect real policy coherence. We need to support small-scale, decentralized clean energy programs that promote pro-poor, gender sensitive projects.
Whether this can provide any clues into exactly what happened to the aircraft and why is uncertain.
An Australian official said the item's location matches investigators' theories about where wreckage would have ended up.
Pacific Wildcat Resources, in a press release issued late last week, said company representatives had fled its Muiane mine
It is a sobering realization that not a day passes when we are not assaulted with tragic events that happen in the world
The straw hut in which they lived was smaller than my closet at home and full of leaks and holes in the walls and roof. The NGO I was travelling with had stepped in to help and had built the family a new home with luxuries like a cement floor, a door, screen windows and mosquito nets.