It's a huge discovery.
The MRI showed that the number of lesions on his brain had doubled, and that the medication was not working. I immediately started to tear up and the genius doctor looked at me and then at my husband and said, "Graeme, I believe I have said something to upset your wife." This doctor was seriously intuitive.
This week, Kerry asks: My sister was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and she is refusing to accept any help from her family, friends or health care professionals. When I try to talk to her about it, we always end up in an argument. Do you have any advice?
TORONTO - A long-awaited Canadian study has found no evidence that blocked neck veins or impaired blood flow are connected
OTTAWA - The Conservatives have used their Senate majority to kill legislation that would have authorized a national strategy
TORONTO - A long-awaited national trial of a controversial experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis has been given the
SASKATOON - A Saskatoon man is going to the U.S. to see if he can take part in a clinical trial of the so-called liberation
An observational study of people in Newfoundland and Labrador who had a controversial treatment for multiple sclerosis found