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NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is sticking around for a while and will keep on bringing down the House. Earlier this month, members
New Democrats are still wondering what exactly happened.
"I’m not saying he’s bad for the party..."
His favourite movie is "Slapshot."
No. 2: The NDP Leader calls himself ‘not crafty at all.’
"Even in the expectation of victory, which tends to be a lagging measure, we see the NDP have caught up to the Conservatives."
EDMONTON — As Canada’s NDP heads to Edmonton this week hoping to build on its 2011 election momentum, the challenge the party
The House committee investigating alleged misuse of House resources by the NDP could set off a political firestorm if MPs
Just one day after the prime minister rejigged his ministerial roster to fill the seat vacated by Jim Flaherty, New Democrat
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgRecently NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said he would be open to forming a coalition with the Liberals, after previously denouncing the idea. Canadian democracy cannot the constant coyness of the sort Mr. Mulcair is now offering; purported claims that he's a serious candidate for prime minister on the one hand, which are then completely undermined by promises to "work with other parties" and reminders that the NDP was "willing to make Stephane Dion the Prime Minister of Canada" on the other. Opportunism of this sort simply reenforces voter apathy, and justifies the entirely credible suspicion that Canada's political elites don't really care much for the preferences of the public they purport to govern.