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muslim video

The raging battle between the demented people hell-bent on depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad in lurid and, frankly, insulting films and cartoons, and those equally demented people who respond to such presentations with unbridled violence are engulfed in a diabolical circle. The not insignificant number of Muslims who believe the West is out to destroy their belief system and way of life require the crass images of Muhammad to legitimize their cause; the purveyors of the images need the Muslim reaction to validate their provocation. Around and around it goes.
I initially vacillated between addressing Westerners in this blog, to alleviate their fears that Muslims were all crazy, and addressing the destructive Muslims that were affirming by their actions the discourse of the very people they hate. Amid my vacillation I realized that either article would be written for me alone. Those enraged Muslims that believe the U.S. government approved the video are not online seeking out measured arguments. Nor are those who simply can't understand "Muslim irrationality." So to my fellow Muslims caught in the middle I would say that we can't spend all our energy, time and writing reacting, defending, and explaining.