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naomi klein

Canada's federal election is putting climate change front and centre, the author says.
"This is, yes, El Nino, but it is El Nino supercharged with climate change."
Industrial agriculture has made it possible to produce large amounts of food efficiently, but comes with problems, including pollution, reduced biodiversity, pesticide resistance and consequent increased chemical use, destruction of forests and wetlands, and human health issues such as antibiotic resistance.
The Manifesto consists of a list of "15 Demands" that range from the somewhat reasonable; to the ridiculous; to the sublime. It would take numerous blog posts to address them individually. Happily, I have been writing blogs for a while and the Manifesto addresses a number of topics I have previously covered.
Politicians convinced themselves and the compliant mainstream media that the accord all 195 countries signed was an amazing breakthrough document. The agreement is jam-packed with lofty language and idealistic goals. However, it is totally lacking in legally binding mechanisms that will hold governments to emission limits.
If you want change; be the change. Remember the power of one. If you don't do anything, nothing will change. So do something. Our future depends on it. No act is too small. How will you contribute?
It would appear that Naomi Klein and her co-authors are oblivious to what's actually going on in rural Ontario. We are the backyard where all the wind turbines and solar farms are supposed to be built, providing "clean" renewable energy to clueless city dwellers. But guess what? We don't want these installations in our back yard either!
This is what real reconciliation looks like...
"We live in a historic moment, one that demands audacity, ambition and courage."
"We need to get off oil in Canada. It’s the dirtiest resource we have and it’s making us into climate pariah’s on the world stage.”