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Nathan O'Brien

Calgary police say they currently are not actively searching for the bodies of five-year-old Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents
For the first time since their five-year-old son and his grandparents were presumed killed, Rod and Jennifer O'Brien are
Officers with the Calgary Police Service are in Mexico as part of their investigation into the disappearance of five-year
For the last two weeks, RCMP and Calgary police held the property as dozens of officers hunted for clues for the whereabouts
Hundreds of green balloons were released into the sky across Calgary and Alberta Tuesday night in honour of missing five
About 150 people from Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C., as well as one traveller from Minnesota, combed meticulously through
I can't pretend that I understand. I could never fully understand, could I? I'm not sure I would ever want to. But I can imagine. I'm a mom, too, Jennifer, and I can imagine. I'm imagining my own boy and the thought of going though what you are, well, it's the most pain that anyone could inflict. The biggest horror. My worst nightmare. Even the imagining makes me cry, and for me it's only a scenario. For you it's real life
How do we rally around and support a family who is undoubtedly walking through their darkest days, on a journey that will last a lifetime? I've never met Jennifer O'Brien. We don't navigate life side-by-side the way I do with the sister-friend I spent tonight with, and others in my circle.
"The bodies of the three victims have not been found," Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson announced Monday, before adding that
There are many heavy hearts in our city, and many tears have been shed. We may not have known them, but we grieve. We all want to wrap the family in as much love as we can. That a little boy should have found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time is tragic enough, but that this "wrong place" was a home where he felt safe, where he spent so much time with people he loved and who loved him back makes it even more difficult for us to understand.