National Firearms Association

The party will demand "that they destroy the list.''
After unanimity among Quebec lawmakers on the proposal, some politicians are starting to have cold feet.
With the government's controversial proposed anti-terror law set to be passed into law within weeks, some of Bill C-51's
On Monday a lawyer for the gun owners' group had been scheduled to appear on a panel regarding concerns about Bill C-51.  Legal
The National Firearms Association, which had been scheduled to speak against the government's proposed anti-terrorism bill
Canada's answer to the NRA is celebrating Christmas this year with an ad that features Santa giving a child the same weapon
But anti-gun supporters, as well as a gun advocacy group, are taking issue with the timing and message of a statement by
Canada's gun lobby thinks the shootings in Moncton are evidence that Canada's gun laws are "excessive." The National Firearms
OTTAWA - Canada's recreational firearms lobby is telling the Harper government to avoid signing a landmark United Nations