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Native Canadians

Who wants to be caught criticizing another fellow native artist publicly? It's practically forbidden; better we keep to criticizing the millions of non-natives appropriating our work than to engage in the equally taxing effort of questioning ourselves. The vacant work of some native art is so lacking I've felt ashamed for staying quiet.
What about the wonderful women who are discouraged by hatred, by naysaying, by the abusive and unkind people who stand in their way, or by the institutions? They are exceptional, valued, underestimated and maybe "too much" in the best way. I believe they should be told.
He was considered one of Canada's preeminent poets, a writer whose verses sang of Canada's natural beauty, whose poems painted pictures of Canadian wilderness that brought pride to a nation. He was also a heartless civil servant, the first superintendent of Canadian residential schools and a deputy minister of Indian Affairs in the early part of the 20th century whose policies targeting First Nations, many believe, meet today's definition of the UN genocide convention. And yet this very same man who had such contempt toward aboriginals became a revered writer and poet.
"I did not want my daughter to grow up seeing our culture and sacred regalia mocked."
"In the spirit of Halloween, please keep this in mind."
“If you want to learn something, first you must learn this.”
"Come on people do something make noises and share."
"It's a chance to celebrate. But it's also a chance to remember what happened."
A Tribe Called Red's Ian "Deejay NDN" Campeau has become one of Canada's most high-profile First Nations activists. As his
Imagine what would happen if the Crown suppressed thousands of pages of police evidence from an important trial? It wouldn't take a legal expert to tell you there would be an immediate mistrial -- especially if the Crown also prepared a false evidence sheet that mislead the judges. And yet, this was done to the survivors of St. Anne's Residential School.