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NDP convention

If the NDP doesn't challenge Canadians with a distinct or transformative vision, it will struggle to reach beyond its loyal core.
Listen to one-on-one interview with the NDP leader.
Party fundraising was also discussed on the convention's first day.
The party announced Friday that balloting in the leadership contest will begin Sept. 18.
I'll remember the absolute grace and humility with which Tom Mulcair addressed the crowd following the vote, calling on us to leave the convention strong and united, and to focus on continuing to be the party that dreams no small dreams.
New Democrats are still wondering what exactly happened.
Rank-and-file members must decide if Thomas Mulcair is the right frontman to revive the party.
One candidate is calling for a "democratic revolution."
This is the second video of Mulcair praising the former British prime minister that has come to light.
"We've got to stop fooling ourselves in Canada."