ndp electoral reform

The motion was put forward in the House of Commons by the New Democrats.
It's no longer on the agenda.
Liberals are seeking to change how elections will be fought and won.
The proposal: 5 Liberal MPs, 3 Tories, 2 New Democrats, 1 Bloc, 1 Green.
New Democrats are also acknowledging that the surplus they had previously forecast for their first budget could be cut in half.
If the NDP forms Canada's next government, Thomas Mulcair says he'll put an end to majority governments elected by a minority
On Wednesday afternoon, MPs will debate an NDP motion to have the Commons collectively avow that the next election "should
NDP leader hopefuls have made changes to our democratic system part of their platforms, and it's become an electoral issue. In a national election where three parties with a reasonable chance of power compete, and a range of other issues balance out in close ridings, electoral reform could play a decisive role.