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negative attacks

Don't judge someone's highlight reel until you've seen the blood, sweat and tears it took them to get there. Don't react to someone's success when you can choose to be inspired by their example. Because here's the truth behind the glossy photographs: We all have a story.
Whether or not you view a political ad as "negative" often depends on your partisan political point of view. The NDP recently released a negative T.V. attack ad that is so blatantly negative it almost comes across as an attack ad parody. Yet when I went on Twitter and described it as such, I was immediately met with protests. How can you ban something like attack ads when political partisans don't believe they exist?
Simply put, voters just don't know Tim Hudak. If you don't assign yourself a role in the play, you leave the door open for others to assign one for you. Liberals are defining the PC leader as a Tea Party-loving, immigrant-hating, right-wing extremist, who will gut our health care and shut down our public schools.