nestle water bc

Can the water be bought and sold? Does the licensee have an ongoing right to receive the water?
"What we have heard is people say they don`t think it is appropriate," said Christy Clark.
"The minute the B.C. government... starts charging for water from aquifers for the use based on volume without providing infrastructure we can't turn it off."
You can think of adjoining aquifers like adjoining swimming pools. Take the water from one and you don't affect the next. So the operation of the Nestlé plant in Hope no way affects the larger water supply of the Fraser Valley or the even larger water supply of the Lower Mainland.
"It is outrageous that Nestlé can draw limitless amounts of Canada's natural resources to sell for a huge profit."
VANCOUVER - Drought due to climate change, shale gas "fracking," commercial water sales. British Columbia's water systems
As is so often the case here in B.C. when controversy arises concerning land and resources, many non-natives rally to the cry that it is "our" resources or "public land" that's at stake. To some First Nations, this is met with puzzlement: how did my people's traditional land and resources become something that belongs to all British Columbians?
Several groups are calling on the province to tighten groundwater laws as B.C. is the only jurisdiction in Canada that does