nestle water

Starting Aug. 1, water bottlers will pay $503.71 for every million litres of groundwater, compared to the previous fee of $3.71.
"Trucking it thousands of kilometres across the country creates needless pollution."
This won't exactly ruin Nestle's bottom line.
Nestlé currently draws 3.6 million litres every day nearby.
The province imposed stricter scientific requirements for water taking permits.
Go on and boycott Nestlé. Here's a handy guide to all their products. But realize that despite Nestlé being a bad corporate citizen and the world's biggest bottler of water, boycotting them will not solve the problem. The issue isn't just bottled water, it's that we allow companies to drain our water table for what amounts to free. It's time to disrupt the entire beverage market's business model, which is to extract an ingredient for basically free and sell it for an absurd amount. We need to charge them a rate for that extraction that serves the public interest.
"The water crisis is at our door here in Canada."
Ontario's Liberal government is giving away our water. The ridiculously low water-taking fee in Ontario only covers 1.2 per cent of the province's total water quality management costs. This means the Liberals are using my -- and your -- tax dollars to subsidize companies to take our water.
The group says the permit for Nestle Waters in Aberfoyle, Ont., expired on July 31, but the company has been allowed to keep extracting water.
Nestle Waters Canada is waiting for the decision on its renewal application in Aberfoyle, where it operates a water-bottling plant.