nestle waters

Starting Aug. 1, water bottlers will pay $503.71 for every million litres of groundwater, compared to the previous fee of $3.71.
This won't exactly ruin Nestle's bottom line.
Ontario plans to increase its charge for water-taking permits for bottled water companies in the new year.
More than two-thirds want Nestle to sell its recently-bought well in southern Ontario.
Nestle outbid the township of Centre Wellington for a water well. Now it's trying to mend fences.
Nestlé currently draws 3.6 million litres every day nearby.
"It's not good enough from my perspective to say there's lots of industries that need water."
The company wants the well to ensure "future business growth."
Nestle Waters Canada is waiting for the decision on its renewal application in Aberfoyle, where it operates a water-bottling plant.
Several groups are calling on the province to tighten groundwater laws as B.C. is the only jurisdiction in Canada that does