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new mortgage rules

Vancouver’s housing market has been under some heavy pressure recently, with sales falling for the past six months and the
Foreign buyers are bailing on B.C.
They may need to buy lower-priced homes or increase their down payments.
Some intended. Some not.
The rush ahead of new mortgage rules will continue until the summer, NBF says.
By this time next week, you will no longer be able to buy a home in Canada priced at more than $500,000 with a five-per-cent down payment. Big deal or no deal? It seems to depend on what market you're in.
On Feb. 15, 2016, Canada's new mortgage rules kick in, mandating higher minimum down payments for homes priced higher than $500,000. But if you're planning to buy a home for less than that figure, you're in luck -- there's plenty of hot markets across Canada with average home prices of less than $500,000.
Canada’s banking regulator is tightening the rules on mortgage insurance, part of an international effort to prevent irresponsible
Ever since Canada’s housing market began swooning earlier this year, mortgage brokers, bankers and real estate agents have