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"HNIC" averages 2 million viewers. Last week it was down to 721,000.
"The product they sold to or they're going to sell to advertisers is just not worth as much."
Aside from the bogus gesture toward maintaining "a Canadian cultural icon," the emphasis throughout the list of "benefits" emanating from the Rogers-NHL deal is focused entirely on protection of advertising revenue. But at what cost? The fact is that the only strategy that can save CBC television is one that makes it distinctive and relevant.
Here’s some bad news for cable TV cord-cutters: You likely won’t be able to watch your favourite TV shows (legally) online
Canadians are largely opposed to the deal between Rogers Communications and the NHL that will see hockey move away from the
As backers of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) struggled on Tuesday to convince a Senate committee that public
The ink was hardly dry on the 12-year contact, in which Rogers locked up National Hockey League television and multimedia
Things are going great for the NHL from a business perspective. How great will be revealed in the next couple of days at
Don Cherry made that plea on Saturday during his weekly segment on "Hockey Night in Canada" as he addressed the acquisition
The 12-year, $5.2-billion agreement announced this week gives Rogers national rights to all NHL games and will see the beloved