nigel wright chief of staff

Stephen Harper's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, faced a second day of cross-examination on Friday.
OTTAWA - It's the $90,000 question in the Senate expenses scandal: Why would the prime minister's chief of staff go to such
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former chief of staff is facing fresh allegations he broke the law by cutting a
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to recast himself in the role of stern disciplinarian in the Senate expense
OTTAWA - Stephen Harper's former chief of staff had a binder full of details on Sen. Mike Duffy's official and personal activities
The federal ethics commissioner has suspended her examination of the $90,000 cheque written to Mike Duffy by the prime minister's
One Prince Edward Island radio station is inviting lucky listeners to cash in on the Senate spending scandal at the expense
A who's-who of Tories had few words for the handful of assembled journalists at Ottawa's National Arts Centre, where a memorial
Who says Sundays are slow news days? News that Nigel Wright had quit as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff hit
A Tory MP says Harper’s chief of staff was just protecting taxpayers when he wrote embattled Sen. Mike Duffy a personal cheque