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The question of who might front Nirvana when the legendary Seattle rock band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
As Nirvana fans commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death this month, noted music writer and Cobain biographer
Nirvana did what all great bands do: they made everyone else catch up. Mainstream radio accommodated alternative music's idiosyncracies, in the case of Nirvana the confrontation of Cobain's distorted guitar, vocal roughness, sonic dissonance, and deliberately nonsensical lyrics. Whatever one's view of Cobain, it is undeniable that he set pop music on a new course.
Every generation like to rag on the one that follows for having terrible taste, but just because kids today apparently like
Seattle TV station KIRO 7 reports that police have found new photos from the investigation into the death of Kurt Cobain
Nirvana remains an influence on all subsections of rock, from alternative to metal, but Kurt Cobain, bizarrely, also shows up frequently in modern hip-hop. In the summer of 2013, Jay-Z sampled some of "Teen Spirit" for his hit song "Holy Grail." But it was pointed out to me that Jay-Z's song is just one of at least a dozen times "Teen Spirit" has shown up in hip-hop or dance music.
It was February 27, 1994 and Nirvana was headed into the fire of the Yugoslav war, no one knowing it would be their second last show. While we waited for our names to be checked at the backstage entrance of a Slovenian arena, we felt a wave of excitement around us as Kurt Cobain and his entourage passed by the glass doors inside.
There's Rock Camp for Girls, getting the next generation of female musicians hooked on writing, playing and recording from a young age. There are female-fronted bands criss-crossing the continent in vans every week -- or tour buses, if you're Beyonce's all-female backing band, The Sugar Mamas.
For a Jewish, middle class, Montrealer, I've spent a lot of my life in the company of the Buddha. I have had an 18-year on-again, off-again relationship with the Buddha. He's been by my side during the ups and downs. I never practiced Buddhism, but I have been a student of the religion for half my life.
Twenty years ago, Nirvana released "In Utero," their most controversial and, sadly, final studio album. After the unlikely