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In times like these, any effort to give back goes a long way.
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The brand has been facing fierce criticism and boycotts.
And you can bet they did it in style.
Underboob FTW.
At a glance, your suit confirms your gentleman status, while at the same time it empowers you to be the manwho you aspire to be. "Don't get caught wearing an ill-fitting suit" is the new "Don't get caught with your pants down."
As it expands into Canada, U.S. fashion retailer Nordstrom wants people to know one thing: It’s not Target Canada. The chain
A call from the CBC prompted Nordstrom, a large department store based in the U.S., to remove the name Cowichan from a clothing
In case you haven't heard, Calvin Klein is the latest clothing company to come out with a campaign that has a lot of people extremely pissed off. The campaign is called, "Perfectly Fit" and it features model Myla Dalbesio modeling what Calvin Klein is calling their "plus sized" underwear. It should come as no surprise that 27-year-old Myla is not what most people would consider anything even close to plus sized. I suppose I understand the outrage in principal, but why are people still so shocked when a company that is known for promoting one kind of beauty continues to do just that? Frankly, if Calvin Klein wanted to do something seriously shocking, they would use a model who was older than 25 years old and wore a size bigger than a four.
Now, Target's launch is widely seen as a flop, Nordstrom's first store has yet to open, and few other big-name retailers