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The Mounties have been holding onto a watchdog's findings for years.
Conservatives are defending their record while criticizing the current government.
But U.S. pipelines are not without their foes, either.
Nothing is more sacred than that which provides life and health: clean air, safe water, healthy soil, photosynthesis. Yet damaging natural systems on which those conditions depend is seen as irrelevant, external to economic considerations. Thoughtful, sensitive corporate executives can't let their love of children or nature affect their decisions because consequences like pollution and habitat degradation are simply the "costs of doing business."
Your inferential calling B.C.'s patriotism into question because we will vigorously oppose your approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline demonstrates clearly that you're quite unable to understand this, your connections to B.C. notwithstanding.
On the 26th of November, the announcement became public: the government of Mr. Justin Trudeau had decided to approve Kinder
Thomas Mulcair accused the government of having a "Goldilocks approach" to pipelines.
The proposed pipeline project would link Alberta's oilsands to British Columbia's north coast.
Canadian pipeline capacity is maxed out, but will we ever need more?
Eight First Nations, four environmental groups and one labour union launched the legal challenge.