Nova Scotia

He'll be taking over from current Premier Stephen McNeil.
Figures show 250 Canadians died waiting for a transplant in 2019.
“The arrests have been ongoing since the start of the investigation,” RCMP Sgt. Andrew Joyce said.
In 1917, Boston provided immediate aid after the Halifax explosion. Nova Scotia won’t forget.
People shouldn't be forced out of their homes during a pandemic, the provincial Liberal government says.
The RCMP says Yvon Thibault faces two charges stemming from an incident in October.
James Blackwood has been uploading videos of himself feeding raccoons since 2011.
The band also intends to file a constitutional challenge against a provincial law that has prevented the band from selling its lobster catch.
The chiefs condemned the alleged action from Fisheries and Oceans Canada in a statement.
They're seeking the identities of the men, who are persons of interest.