The "most admired woman in the world" will be at the Elevate tech conference.
The former U.S. president was in Calgary earlier this year.
President Trump has shown little inclination to engage Iran and has so far begrudgingly supported the nuclear deal while his administration finalizes its Iran policy review.
If you think your job is hard, try walking in Obama's shoes for a few days. It is a lesson for all of us; no matter what happens it is always better to walk the high road. Remember that acts of racism are not about you, it is a reflection of how that person is feeling inside about themselves.
The president-elect told Israel to "Stay strong" and that "January 20th is fast approaching!"
The leaders announced plans to ban oil and gas licensing in the region with a joint statement.
It's a lovely card.
The whole speech was an hymn for democracy, aiming to remind us that after all this time, since democracy was first born here in Greece, its flame still fuels the progress of our society. He reminded us that democracy is neither perfect, nor complete.
They told me and many others to go back to where we came from. In due time, the campaign would be embraced by the electorate, especially among African Americans, whose loyalty of the Clinton's is often unhealthy and concerning.
The U.S. president boasted Hillary Clinton as someone who "never quits."