oil industry

The original permit didn't adequately take into account endangered species, a judge has ruled.
Project Reconciliation says the investment will help alleviate First Nations poverty.
Oil companies should be held liable for their share of climate-fuelled weather disasters.
Corporations denounce increased government spending. Except, of course, when government largesse flows their way.
Corporations can't vote, but by putting enormous amounts of money into campaigns and lobbying, they can hijack the political agenda.
It seems as if things are starting to turn around for the Canadian province.
Seventeen publicly traded junior energy companies have disappeared in the past 30 months.
The risks of not enacting change significantly outweigh the risks of implementing new technologies. Holding back is already costing us money and causing further damage to the environment, and the longer we wait, the worse it will get. Canada has an opportunity to be a leader and to show the world that it is possible.
Unfortunately, time is not on our side, and significantly reducing carbon emissions requires immediate action. I believe the time for cautious, incremental change has passed and that we must take bold steps to achieve our climate goals. Nowhere is bold action needed more than in the Canadian energy industry.
Junex's Galt field is tiny compared to the oilsands, but could still help Quebec.